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As a former Analyst/Wealth Manager/Researcher with years of experience working around Dalal Street and investment boutique, its fair to say that a few liars crooks, and con artists have crossed my path. Since both the medical and financial fields cultivate their share of professional hustlers. I’ve learned to quickly separate the good actors from the bad.

Rather then rehash the sins of the financial industry, I hit it off the idea of democratizing financial services and offering tactics and solutions that had previously been appreciated and used by only worlds renowned Hedge Fund managers and the wealthiest investors. While the financial crisis of 2008 brought to light the conflicts and injustices inherent in the financial system, few people could come up with real-world, practical solutions that would actually make a difference for individuals and families.

Why ? Because there’s an inherent conflict in the system. The largest financial institutions are set up to make a profit for themselves, not their clients.

My mission is to organize and bring to the masses the most honest and practical financial solutions-some of them are “secrets”. I understand that people need more than knowledge-they need a clear road map to a financially secure future.

I am honoured, humbled, and grateful to see the change we can enact together. I’m excited for you, the reader. You’re about to meet the force of nature that will truly be life changing.

Welcome to Jungle….

Shailendra Sharma

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