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Debunking all the myths of Investment and simplifying jargons of Financial Industry 

You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else —ALBERT EINSTEIN

When you turn on the financial news today, you can see that it is less “news” and more sensationalism. Talking heads debate with zeal. Stock pickers scream their hot picks of the day while sound effects smash, crash and “Kaching!” through our living room speakers.The system, paid for by advertisers, breeds the feeling that maybe we are missing out ! it only we had a hot Tip.

So, where do you put your money? Who can you trust? Who will protect you and get you the best return on your investment?

Equity Research
What is Equity Research ?
Equity Research is a study of equities or stocks for the purpose of investments. These stocks trade on various stock

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Here’s a quick way to select Ultra Short Term Funds
In our last post, we figured out the basics of liquids funds and how to select an appropriate liquid fund

Read more.
Figuring out a simple do-it-yourself framework for short term investing
All this is fine. But how do I put all this into action? Before we jump into the action plan,

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Debt Mutual Funds – What returns to expect ??
We had earlier explored Fixed Deposits in detail and found to our dismay that F.Ds are a bad way to

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Credit funds – Don’t count your returns before they hatch
If you have been following my debt fund related posts, you would have noticed that I generally tend to avoid

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A primer for investing in debt mutual funds
Investing in Debt Mutual Funds & Fixed Deposits = You are basically a money lender in disguise!! Debt mutual funds at a very basic

Read more.

Mutual Fund

Debt, Equity, Hybrid and Liquid

Learn about different classes of Mutual Funds and there selection criteria

Your Money

Building Portfolio like expert

Learn about building all season portfolio for financial freedom


Basics of Investing

Learn More about basics of investing and  philosophy market behaviour 


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